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Posted 03 September 2010 - 03:23 PM

THANK YOU to Chris Gorham, cast, and crew for the GREAT way that all of you are handling having a blind person in the series. I have been virtually blind for over 55  years. While watching the show I am less than a foot from a 32 inch flat screen tv and still have to ask the person watching the show with me what was that or what did that person just do. I do have radar and sonar for beautiful women and Covert Affairs is full of them. Chris you are doing a GREAT AND REALISTIC believable blind man. It is very clear that the cast and crew have researched and done their home work concerning interacting with a blind person. One of the best things that you are doing is showing and making a point of the correct way to lead a blind person. When I see someone take a blind person by the arm and start pointing and pushing them on a tv show or in real life, it really makes me mad. I just want to grab them the same way and do the same thing to them after choking them.    If you ever need any expert assistance from someone who is truly blind, please feel free to contact me.  You are welcome to check out my profile on the Covert Affairs web site.  You can also find me on There is a video "Charge of the Blind Samarai Cowboy for Valentine's Day."

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Posted 03 September 2010 - 04:08 PM

THANK YOU to Chris Gorham, cast, and crew for the GREAT way that all of you are handling having a blind person in the series. ..

Thanks for your input, and glad to hear your cheers for Gorham's portrayal of a blind man done well.

Got a kick out of your video ("butterfly equals a fire-breathing dragon" LOL) - enjoyed the Thor vid, too (he's a talkative one!).

My #1 fave series these days is "Haven" and wow, if they didn't have a blind man being pushed around by the arm in a recent episode. It was very strange to see it on a current series as I anticipate most productions doing minimal research, at the very least, if necessary.

Anyway, totally agree that Gorham and all have done a great job! :)

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Posted 20 June 2011 - 10:22 AM

Oops too. I agree. Augies position was incorrect when he took the lead in walking. He should connect behind at the elboo of the other person. Secondly, I noticed that when Augie drank the beverage, he just picked it up and drank. How did he know how full the cup was? If a blind person doesn't know how much liquid in the in container, he/she can easily pour the liquid on themselves. Augie should have put his finger edging inside the cup for that information.. Those in charge of Augie's behaivor need to do a little more research. One very good moment was when Augie was trying to face the person he was talking to.

Chris Gorham got some intensive blind-skills training at CNIB for this role, and his hard work shows.

He does an *excellent* job of portraying a blind person realistically. He and the Covert Affairs writers make Auggie easily the most authentic and multidimensional blind character ever on TV. Chris knows this:

To walk with a sighted guide, the blind person takes the SIGHTED person's arm - not the other way around. Otherwise, the blind person would feel yanked around and shoved through space by someone, without being able to get their bearings. For details on proper technique, see the links below. (In some countries it's called 'sighted lead' but in the USA we tend to call it 'sighted guide.') If the blind person is using their cane to navigate and a sighed friend wants to tag along, fine; the sighted person can hold onto the blind person for companionship/intimacy reasons. But that's not guiding. That's just walking together, while the blind person navigates on his/her own in the usual way.

((Maybe I should post these tidbits on a Haven forum, but that episode is over, so can't rectify it now.))