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Guidelines for the Burn Notice Forum

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Posted 07 April 2010 - 11:09 PM



The moderating team is comprised of fans of Burn Notice who volunteer their time as moderators. We are in no way affiliated with or employed by NBC/Universal and/or USA Network. This is an online community officially sanctioned by USA Network and thus is corporate-run and subject to guidelines that go beyond the "right to free speech and press" as outlined in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. As part of our normal functions, moderators may, at their discretion, perform the following duties: rid the forum of spam; intervene in topics to ensure that discussions remain on track and do not depart from policies and guidelines; offer mediation and conflict resolution among members; seek second opinions from the USA Network forum administrator; and/or assist those forums without assigned moderators (or whose assigned moderators are not available). BN moderators retain sole control of the moderation of this forum, under the oversight of Admin. If you wish to appeal any decision made by the BN moderating team, send appeals to USA_Admin, not a moderator from another USA Network-affiliated forum.


These remain in effect as always and are listed at the end of this post.


Where there are grey areas in the guidelines outlined below, the moderators will work together to determine the best solution for a dispute on either a series of related threads or a specific thread. Reasonable appeals from members are welcome, but please note the following: a decision may not be made in your favor; and not everyone will always be happy on every single front with the solution offered by the moderators.


Spam is not tolerated on this forum. Spamming can be defined as either posting excessively with no content or with commercial intent. Please report spam when you see it, so that moderators can take action; We can't block spam if we don't know about it. Any forum members who post spam will lose their posting privileges and will receive no further notification from moderators. In general, do not use the forums for personal gain or profit.


Respect means in this instance publicly giving due regard to the feelings, thoughts, and opinions of others. Respect in this instance means publicly offering one's opinion with respect and civility. It is possible to do this without being deferential, self-censoring, politic, cautious, belittling, nitpicking, insulting, or rude. It *is* possible. Strive to extend respect in all public postings, both for your own benefit, those of others, and the community at large.

Posting constructive criticism and divergent viewpoints in a respectful manner is encouraged. This can lead to some great progressive discussions filled with a lot of fantastic back and forth commentary of varying opinions. Again, respect of one's fellow members and being constructive is key.

Other things to keep in mind/consider:

Keep in mind that this is a medium based solely on the written word and there are no facial expressions, body language, tone of voice cues to go on. Communicating online is not the same as having a conversation in person, for all of these reasons. It can be easier to misunderstand/misconstrue/misinterpret and be misunderstood via the written word. What may be meant as a harmless jest may well be taken by others as a pointed attack. Sarcasm can be taken out of context as well; for those who employ it, be aware that it can be easily misconstrued and misjudged.

Keep in mind that there are real people behind these user names and that no one is perfect.

If you think someone is attacking you, before publicly responding in the same vein or withdrawing from the forum, consider taking the following steps:

1. Try to avoid posting when angry.
2. Take time to think things through and consider taking a step back from things and collecting one's thoughts before publicly responding.
3. Try to be slow to take personal offense to a post and if possible, ask for clarification from another member via PM to make sure intent was understood correctly before posting a public response.
4. Should you decide you wish to block another member's posts/PMs this is within your right to do so. Should you decide you wish to respond publicly, strive for civility in your own public response.


Not everyone is going to get along with everyone else on a personal level. Members have the right to block another member's posts and PMs. Exercise this option if you need to do so. If a member has explicitly asked to cease contact with them publicly and privately, please respect their decision and their boundaries; do not continue to reach out to them for further clarification. Again, respect of fellow forum members and the community at large is the key component.


Public attacks leveled by one forum member against another will not be tolerated. Any arguments that erupt among forum members on the public side of the forum will be removed by the moderators and each member involved with the incident will be PM'ed (and/or warned) and will be asked to resolve the issue privately either by taking the following steps:
a. PM the member and attempt to resolve the issue
b. block the member's posts and/or PMs
c. seek out the moderators for possible resolutions of such conflicts.

Moderators will provide those members with mediation and provide possible solutions to the problem/issue of concern via PM to members involved. If members cannot resolve these personal conflicts through taking the above steps, they may approach the moderating team for mediation. If members require mediation please unblock one another's incoming PMs before contacting the moderators so that all possibilities for resolution are kept on the table. Please note: moderators reserve the right to ask members with conflicts in need of resolution to be available for mediation via a private chat in order to arbitrate between those members if PMs do not provide the best course of arbitration.



*will merge or move threads and/or posts as deemed necessary by us to keep organization on the forum and to maintain the flow of conversation.
*will remove posts and/or threads that are deemed inappropriate to the forum. Instances of this may include: anything that falls under USA Network's guidelines as being slanderous, defamatory, etc.; spam; and other posts that exhibit outright disrespect and/or uncivil behavior directed towards fellow forum members as well as those affiliated with the show (including the cast and crew and their families).
*reserves the right to issue directives in a given thread (i.e., keeping the thread on track). These directives are intended to keep a thread from completely derailing, not for the purposes of censorship.

Members will always be notified via PM if their threads and/or posts are removed, merged or moved, and a link to where the post can be located will be included. This will be done at our discretion. If you wish to appeal a thread and/or post being merged, moved, or deleted, please contact the moderating team via PM, not on the forum. Moderators will review your appeal and will reply with our decision via PM.

If members have suggestions about threads and/or posts they would like to see merged, please contact one of the moderators via PM with your input. Unsolicited input on moderating decisions should not be posted to the thread.


Disrespectful discussions about the wives/girlfriends/partners of choice of the cast and crew and their families are deemed off limits on the public side of the forum. Posts that are deemed derogatory and/or inappropriate and/or disrespectful will be removed from the forum by the moderators and members will be notified via PM of the actions taken. Members are free to discuss such things either via PM with other members or via other online venues, such as Twitter or other forums.

Added for clarification: USA's Burn Notice forum is set up as a place where fans can discuss its episodes, characters, writing, music, spoilers, and news about the show. As fans, we desire to show our appreciation for the Burn Notice actors we have loved and followed for so many years. Their personal lives and relationships are their own business and deserve respect, just as each member here desires respect for his/her own personal choices. That, simply, is why we ask members to refrain from using the forum for purposes of gossip or speculation regarding cast members' personal lives, including off-screen interpersonal relationships between cast members.

Again, Members who do not agree with the fairness of these decisions may appeal directly to the moderators via PM. Appeals are NOT to be made on the forum. Moderators will review your appeal and reply with our decision via PM. For those members who wish to further appeal any of these decisions by the BN moderators, they may contact USA_Admin via PM.

PLEASE NOTE: we moderators are aware of "grey areas" where this is concerned; for instance, BN creator Matt Nix's son appeared on an episode of BN, and he mentioned this publicly on the forum. The key component: grant respect to and extend courtesy towards the cast, their families and friends, and others in their personal lives. If you are unclear about posting a item that involves crew/cast/their partners/families, please PM a moderator for further clarification.


THE BN MODERATING TEAM is available for mediation in situations where members have tried to resolve personal issues via PM, but have been unable to reach a resolution. Moderators will take the situation under review and will notify members via PM with the best possible solutions to those problems/issues of concern. Members who do not agree with the fairness of the directives may appeal such directives to the moderators via PM. Appeals are NOT to be made in threads. If you have issues with moderation, we want to hear about them, but the thread where the moderation took place isn't the place for it.


Consult the guidelines in the Technical FAQ pinned to the top of the forum for information on how to do both.


Try to stick to the topic of the thread to which you are posting. If you need to make a divergent point, consider starting a new thread to do so.

We encourage both quiet and lively discussion on the forum. Please feel free to respond to any post you read, or start your own thread. Bear in mind the guidelines set forth by moderators, that if there's a way to facilitate easier discussion, threads and/or posts can be moved and/or merged. Moderators will notify the member via PM of where to locate the moved item(s).


Members are free to create as many games as they wish and participate in any that they'd like.

The creator of each game thread is responsible for EXPLICITLY STATING the rules of the game in his/her initial post. As the creator of the game thread, it is YOUR responsibility to maintain control of the rules of the game.These rules are to remain in effect through the duration of the game, thus it is important to state to all game creators: THINK CAREFULLY about the rules you set up in your initial post.

If the community of game players decides they would like to pursue additional rules, consult the game's creator via PM; do not post new rules or change the rules of the game by posting them to the game thread itself. Whatever the PM'ed response from the game's creator may be, abide by their decision. Members may end their participation in the game and of course are free to create their own games as they wish.

If the game's creator wishes to step down for whatever reason, please do not make this announcement to the thread itself; instead, contact the moderators via PM with your decision, so that we can assist the remaining game players how to best proceed with the game. GAME CREATORS: PLEASE NOTE that your decision to step down as game thread creator/manager will nullify your rights to maintain the game's original rules. Solutions could be to: a.) conclude the game and close out the existing game thread and start a new one, with a new member maintaining the rules of the game; or b.) consult with participating members via PM or via private chat as to how they wish to proceed, by either assigning a new game thread manager on the existing thread or closing out the thread and starting over with both a new thread and newly assigned game creator.


The "Welcome Wagon" group: a group of members who volunteer to drop by the "welcome new members" thread to be sure to say hello and help show new members the ropes if they see them around on the forum. This is open to all members.

Maintenance of the press threads: krocla and PhilippaConnors maintain the initial post of press items cited. These initial posts are maintained and kept up to date by them. If you have any suggestions regarding these threads, please contact any of the moderators via PM (including PhilippaConnors as a moderator). Members are encouraged to post press items to these press threads and these items will wind up being cited in the initial post with a "hat tip" to the member provided it.

Maintenance of the "episode discussions" thread: LGia19 creates the episode discussion threads and maintains the initial post of these threads. If members have any suggestions or further input regarding how this is conducted, please contact the BN moderating team via PM, not the creator of the thread. Members are encouraged to participate in lively and fun discussions once these threads are created.

Maintenance of the "Happy Birthday" threads: JennaV creates the birthday threads for members of the forum. If members have any suggestions or further input regarding the creation of these threads, contact any of the moderators via PM (including JennaV as a moderator). Members are encouraged to participate in sending birthday wishes to forum members in whatever way they please, via birthday graphics, screencaps and captions, and simply to extend well wishes.

Maintenance of the "episode guide reference chart": LI_Ann maintains the chart itself [located at the following thread]. If members have any suggestions or further input regarding the episode guide reference chart, contact the BN moderating team via PM, not the creator of the chart.


These guidelines, remain in effect as always and are as follows:

Forum Terms & Rules

Please take a moment to review these rules detailed below. If you agree with them and wish to proceed with the registration, simply click the "Register" button below. To cancel this registration, simply hit the "back" button on your browser.

Please remember that we are not responsible for any messages posted. We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and are not responsible for the contents of any message.

The messages express the views of the author of the message, not necessarily the views of this bulletin board. Any user who feels that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to contact us immediately by email. We have the ability to remove objectionable messages and we will make every effort to do so, within a reasonable time frame, if we determine that removal is necessary.

You agree, through your use of this service, that you will not use this bulletin board to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violative of any law.

You agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or by this bulletin board.


We hope everyone enjoys their time here on the forum and feels welcome to share their love of this TV show. Just remember to be kind and considerate -- and thank you, everyone, for making this forum a better place!

Burn Notice Moderators,


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